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Nadina Tandy



Nadina wanted to redesign her old Squarespace 5 site from over five years ago. 

We decided to do a splash page that would differentiate her site by creating an ambience from one of her signature peony images, for a full-on colour visual widescreen and without a lot of text... just images and the Artist Mission Statement and introduction.

I used a special script to add movement and a modern feel to the background - a key design element to set the stage for Nadina's portfolio of her diverse body of work. 

The 'Up Coming' link leads to her most recent and future shows, and is also the feed for her blog, which had to be copied from her old Squarespace site.

There is no export function from a Squarespace 5 site to Squarespace 7; we created a workaround:

  • export out of the old Squarespace 5 site for Wordpress
  • import it into an empty Wordpress install and make sure the images were all still attached
  • then export out of Wordpress
  • and finally import into Squarespace 7 (the new site) and re-attach the imported images. 

squarespace WSIAD Standard

Richard Watt
Sunco Mortgage Corp

Richard wanted a site that would convey what he does as a Sunshine Coast Licensed Mortgage Broker, and differentiate him from his competition. 

We wrote the site content collaboratively; I provided an initial draft, which Richard then edited into his own words.

We used my Sunshine Coast specific stock images and I shot a photo of Richard in Sechelt and we used that as his brand image as he does not use a traditional logo. 

Richard anticipates very few changes so hires Bigpacific Creative for quarterly or semi-annual changes.


Darnelda Siegers
100+ Women Who Care Sunshine Coast

Darnelda is very active in the Sunshine Coast community. In addition to her work as a Mortgage Broker, she is a Councilor at the District of Sechelt, and is involved in many not for profit and service organizations.

Darnelda is starting a local chapter of the movement called 100+ Women Who Care. This group runs 4 meetings each year with 100+ attendees who each agree to commit $100 x 4 throughout the calendar year to fund local not-for-profit projects and organizations.

Darnelda, as you can imagine is very busy. I was able to work from variants of the organization around North America and write all of Darnelda's content and create a basic structure similar to what other groups were already doing. I created the site from scratch and it required zero edits. 

We added a Mailchimp integration and Google Apps for domain based email services.

The site comes up #1 in localized searches for '100 Women Who Care'.

Time: 4 days


Gigi Hoeller (Butterfly)
Gigi Hoeller Art & Gallery

Gigi struggled to engage with and maintain a 15 year old HTML site with a distorted sitemap, duplicate content, and image galleries that required as many as 6 different steps to add a new painting to a gallery and work with an outdated lightbox process. It was very expensive to maintain, and was stressful to work with - dangerous to artist zen and creativity.

I moved Gigi over to Squarespace and we worked on a new structure that would enable her to show ALL of her available paintings and prints without overwhelming the user, and make clear which ones were available as originals, prints, cards etc. 

We found a solid structure for her to use moving forward, and created a top-level gallery strip at the top of her front page where she can show her most recent works, and linked it into her Facebook page so it auto-updates there as well.

When I first sat down with her to show her the image management tools for her galleries and how to edit prices, titles and page content, she exclaimed, "Fuck! This is so easy." I take that as a huge win :)